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Sustaining Architecture in the Anti-Machine Age,

A collection edited by James Heartfield and Ian Abley
reviewed in the Natfhe Journal

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Great Expectations
The creative industries in the New Economy

'an excellent pamphlet by James Heartfield' Guardian
Reviewed in the
New Statesman
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Clare Short, Will Hutton, Doreen Massey, Zygmunt Bauman, Paul Kingsnorth, James Heartfield and many more in Jon Pugh's new book. Buy it here.

Intellectual Currents of the Twentieth Century
'Informative introductory essays on positivism, pragmatism, psychoanalysis, structuralism, phenomenology, existentialism, and postmodernism. Includes brief biographies and bibliographies of key philosophers.' Wrote Britannica.com, who listed it amongst 'The Web's Best Sites' in the category 'Philosophy : Contemporary Ideas'.

Writing: this is a year-by-year list of James' writing


Europe, Russia and the ‘non-historic peoples' a paper to the Standing Group on International Relations, Turin, 13th September
Who is the Town and the Countryside for?,  All Planned Out: the Worldwide Impact of the TCPA, Building Centre, 19 May 2007
Interviewing Litvinenko scholarship and the New Cold War, Centre for the Study of Democracy, Westminster University, 30 January 2007
Sprawl: the end of the town-country divide, Democracy Club, 14 November 2006
Superbia - in defence of the Suburbs,
Kingston University Suburban Studies Dayschool, September 2006
Can creativity save the British Economy?, Design Council, 21 September 2005


Creative London: an in-depth report on the GLA's creative industries, for Rising East Online
China's Comprador Capitalism is Coming Home,
Review of Radical Political Economy, Vol. 37, No. 2,  (2005)
Mao: the Untold Story, by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, reviewed. More from Spiked
The Battle of the Books: Revising the History of the Second World War Another Copy
Zombie anti-imperialists vs the 'Empire' 
Today's anti-war movement is motivated more by romanticism than a serious critique of imperialism, Spiked, 1 September 2004. Another copy.  In German
'Londonostalgia', Blueprint, September 2004. London's self-image is steeped in nostalgia
'Branding over the cracks', Critique 35, June 2004
'Capitalism and anti-Capitalism', interventions, Vol. 5 (2), 2003
'You are not a White Woman!'- Apolosi Nawai, the Fiji Produce Agency and the Trial of Stella Spencer in Fiji, 1915 scandal and rebellion in colonial Fiji, in the Journal of Pacific History, Volume 38, Number 1 / June 2003
'The economy of time', Cultural Trends 43&44
Hegel Dispirited the reification of the Other in Kojève, DeBeauvoir and Sartre, for Liverpool's Static arts organisation
'The Dark Races Against the Light'- Official Reaction to the 1959 Fiji Riots Journal of Pacific History, Volume 37, Number 1/June 01, 2002.
There is No Masculinity Crisis
in Genders Online Journal
'Algeria and the Defeat of French Humanism', Chapter six of The 'Death of the Subject' Explained, reproduced on 'Marxists.org'
Ulrich Beck, Brave New World of Work reviewed, Head and Hand, Autumn 2001
A critique of Teodor Shanin's The Russian Road
Michel Chossudovsky, The Globalisation of Poverty reviewed, Review of Radical Political Economy, Spring 2001
'The Politics of Food: Two cheers for Agri-business',
Review of Radical Political Economy, June 2000
'USA under Foreign Occupation', in Kiddrie and Wedlock (eds) The Tree of Liberty, Vol.2, John Hopkins UP, 1998, p 751


'Overthrowing the father' my review of Bettina Aptheker's memoirs is published by Spiked. More from Spiked.
Humanitarian interventionists dig in
 In his new book Anti-Totalitarianism, Oliver Kamm makes a shrill and inconsistent defence of the Iraq war. 
From unrest to uncertainty Angolan schoolchildren in Britain, Times Educational Supplement, 4 March 2005. More from TES
The government must stop finding reasons not to build new homes Guardian 21 February 2005
Confusing signals in the housing debate
and New communities, same old problems, Times Educational Supplement, 14 January 2005
All talk and no bricks, Spiked, 26 January 2005
Pitting parent against parent The case against the Parental Separation Bill, Spiked-online, 21 January 2005.
Red Lorry hitching a lorry ride with Andrew Cross to DIRFT, Britain’s unknown commercial capital in the heart of Middle England, Blueprint, October 2004
People and Places: A 2001 Census atlas of the UK on Audacity.org - more on Audacity
Building School Success
de Rijke, Marsh and Morgan's re-modelling of Kingsdale School, Prospect (Scotland) October 2004
'Fixing a hole' - Is school renovation a substitute for teaching? Times Educational Supplement, 7 May 2004
Bonfire of the investment opportunities What were so many contemporary artworks doing in a warehouse in Leyton? in Spiked 28 May 2004.
Therapy Culture reviewed
The Timid Corporation reviewed
A Servants' Etiquette guide for Channel Four
Dangerous Liaisons...
The history of teacher-student relations since Socrates corrupted the youth of Athens, TES 10 January 2003
The Rise of French Diplomacy Alternet.org, November 2002
BBC Plays Judge and Executioner Alternet.org, July 2002
Let's Build IntheSticks, January 2002
Nowhere near Enough Blueprint, September 2002
Concrete over the countryside, Blueprint, January 2002
'In Defence of Real Rights', Revolution August 2000
Culture Vultures The DTI's knowledge economy criticised.
'Elvis Lives in the Irish Trade Data', a review of Denis O'Hearn's Celtic Tiger
Smacking Parents an interview with lawyer Ruby Harrold-Claesson, on the repressive consequences of Sweden's anti-smacking laws.
United by a common hatred Nail bombs in Brixton and Brick Lane in The Times
The New 'Socialism of Fools' A Critique of Environmentalism.
Smith's task force for a spot of creative accounting Cultural economics for the Guardian
War Crime Trials in The Times
Chris Woodhead Affair in The Times
Bombing Lockerbie questioning the case against al-Megrahi. Another copy
Civil liberties and the Sex Offenders' Register
Abortion: Whose Rights? a talk for the pro-choice forum

In German

Anti-imperialistische Zombies im Kampf gegen das Empire
Politik, die der Korruption die Grube gräbt, fällt selbst hinein

Grüne Rhetorik macht Ackerland platt
Der Holocaust als Totschlagargument

Articles on the Spiked-online website

Articles in LM (1992-1999)

Heartfield's other works include

'The limits of social construction theory' in Confrontation, Vol II, No. I, A Moral Impasse: The End of Capitalist Triumphalism, Junius, 1996
'Marxism and social construction' in Marxism, Mysticism and Modern Theory, ed S Wolton, Macmillan, 1996
'Introduction' to State and Revolution, by VI Lenin, Junius, 1995

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