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7 March 2006
The biggest scandal in Italian politics
Never mind Tessa Jowell's husband David Mills; it's the Italian magistrates hunting him that we should be worried about.

6 January 2006
Who's afraid of the Thames Gateway?
Why government proposals to build 200,000 new homes in London and Kent are causing a stink in certain circles.

16 December 2005
Humanitarian interventionists dig in
In his new book Anti-Totalitarianism, Oliver Kamm makes a shrill and inconsistent defence of the Iraq war.

30 November 2005
City, suburbs and snobs
Richard Rogers' warnings about middle-class flight to the countryside are wide of the mark.

17 November 2005
Cox Report: creative accounting
Designers and admen aren't going to save the British economy.

8 November 2005
Who's fanning the flames?
It is not that assimilation has failed, but that France only pays lip service to assimilation.

2 November 2005
They should have dropped the Code of Conduct, not the minister
The manufactured scandal over David Blunkett's earnings shows up the problem of over-regulation.

21 October 2005
Conservation's Conservative streak
We shouldn’t be surprised that the Green Zac Goldsmith has turned Blue.

21 January 2005
Pitting parent against parent

The case against the Parental Separation Bill

10 December 2004
Constructing Global Civil Society
A new book asks why, from Iraq to Ukraine, Western politics is being played out everywhere but in the West.

1 September 2004
Zombie anti-imperialists vs the 'Empire' 

Today's anti-war movement is motivated more by romanticism than a serious critique of imperialism.

28 May 2004
Bonfire of the investment opportunities 
What were so many contemporary artworks doing in a warehouse in Leyton?

26 May 2004
Euro-smugness gets a free ride
European leaders are making the most of America's crisis over Iraq

23 October 2003
Axis of influence
Asian-Pacific states signed up to Bush's war on terror - but they're more interested in trading with China.

1 October 2003
What Edward Said

18 September 2003
Dancing the Cancun
The third world rebellion at the WTO talks has its roots in London and Washington

19 June 2003
Policy has not created diversity
Contribution to a debate on culture and difference

5 June 2003
Capital of Complaints
Liverpool's unique cultural signature dwells on a sense of victimhood.

14 May 2003
A house of cards
America's tense relations with Saudi Arabia

27 March 2003
That uprising
The wishes of the people of Basra are buried under the myth-making of others.

27 March 2003
Rethinking Human Rights
A new book on the human rights agenda casts light on events in Iraq.

26 November 2002
Taking Churchill at his words
One viewer's view of the 'Greatest Briton'.

21 November 2002
The French connection
In the UN debates about Iraq, French diplomacy has re-emerged. How?

1 November 2002
Language barriers
The Chirac/Blair spat shows international personality politics at work.

17 October 2002
Breaking up Indonesia
The Bali terrorist attack is the latest expression of Indonesia's destabilisation.

27 September 2002
Forgetting the evils of Empire
The left's embrace of Europe as an alternative to America creates illusions in a destructive elite.

24 September 2002
Germany's Third Way win
Schröder's narrow election victory came from an appeal to national sentiment, and caution.

6 September 2002
Trot along, Martin
Why is Martin Amis cranking up dead Cold War controversies?

22 August 2002
Summing up our fears
Post-11 September apocalyptic thriller strikes UK cinemas.

27 June 2002
TV as judge and executioner
BBC2's Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles was a sordid show.

11 June 2002
Continental drift
Why is the centre right winning elections across Europe and the USA?

22 April 2002
Too late, the French left have a cause
Right-wing president Jaques Chirac is now embraced as the candidate of 'human rights' against Jean-Marie Le Pen.

31 January 2002
Farmers turned park-keepers
The Curry Commission's farming policy proposes a world fit for beetles.

16 November 2001
Friends, allies and enemies
How the West has abandoned old friends and embraced one-time enemies since the end of the Cold War

15 March 2001
Culture vultures
How can the UK government present the creative industries as a major money-spinner? Through some creative accounting.



Articles in the Times Educational Supplement

Humanist pupils: the right not to pray 
They have a positive and moral belief, but schools expect them to join hands. James Heartfield reports
Publication day: 28 October 2005
Lifting the veil on Islam 
Most British Muslims are likely to choose faith over fanaticism, writes James Heartfield There are 1.6 million Muslims in the UK, mostly of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin
Publication day: 23 September 2005
Scatterlings from Africa 
Work in the UK keeps most Zimbabweans from returning, says James Heartfield Early this year, the Home Office began deporting Zimbabweans
Publication day: 03 June 2005
A kick up the career 
Master of Teaching is a new degree. The first group to pass believe it will inject life into work. James Heartfield reports
Publication day: 13 May 2005
Island trouble 
Tsunamis, terrorists and gang wars have affected many Sri Lankan Tamils, writes James Heartfield If your students' heads are nodding to the sound of M.I.A's "Arular", they are listening to a back-ha
Publication day: 06 May 2005
Suffer the children 
Be gentle when teaching traumatised Iraqi pupils, writes James Heartfield Fifteen year-old Duua arrived in Britain two and a half years ago
Publication day: 08 April 2005
From unrest to uncertainty 
Many Angolan families in the UK live in fear of being forced to return there, writes James Heartfield. Twelve-year-old Nsona (Natasha) Matambele of Forest Gate school in south London, was refused permission to stay
Publication day: 04 March 2005
Refuge makes for Turkish delight 
Fleeing persecution, many Turks have prospered in the UK. James Heartfield reports There are around 100,000 Turkish nationals living in the UK (according to the Turkish Consulate), mostly in London,
Publication day: 04 February 2005
New communities, same old problems 
The South East building boom should mean many more jobs and exciting new schools. As James Heartfield found, the reality does not match the dream
Publication day: 14 January 2005
James Heartfield detects confusing signals in the housing debate 
The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is regularly responsible for declaring that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of new homes are to be built.
Publication day: 14 January 2005
Seize a hold on the pole position 
James Heartfield helps you to give a warm welcome to pupils from Poland About 70, 000 people living in the UK were born in Poland, and most are based in Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, West Yorks
Publication day: 07 January 2005
Fixing a hole? 
Labour's commitment to rebuilding schools over the next decade means familiar landmarks could change. James Heartfield looks at architectural styles dating back to the Victorian era
Publication day: 07 May 2004
Section: Extras & updates
Dangerous Liaisons... 
Education is like seduction. James Heartfield charts the history of teacher-student relations since Socrates corrupted the youth of Athens
Publication day: 10 January 2003