DEWEY, John.(1859-1952). American philosopher of pragmatism, psychologist, and educator. Dewey was Professor at Minnesota (1888-89), Michigan (1889-94), Chicago (1894-1904) and Columbia (from 1904). With C. S. Peirce and William James, Dewey developed the philosophy of Pragmatism as well as being a leading theorist of progressive education movement. Dewey was a founder of the American Association of University Professors (1915), and of the prestigious New School for Social Research (1919). Among his many books were School and Society (1899), Studies in Logical Theory (1903), How We Think (1910), Democracy and Education (1916), Reconstruction in Philosophy (1920), Human Nature and Conduct (1922), Experience and Nature (1925), The Quest for Certainty (1929), Art as Experience (1934), Liberalism and Social Action (1935), Logic: The Theory of Inquiry (1938), Experience and Education (1938), Freedom and Culture (1939).
American Pragmatists