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 The new head-teacher of the Bash Street Free School explains what happened to all the boys that left Redfriars after the scandal over Billy Delta's trousers:

"Now that all the parents have taken their children away from Dr Stallinicos' Academy, Me and the Parents got together, and decided to take advantage of Mr Gove's idea of making our own 'free school', along progressive lines!"
'Now that Dicky Knows-more has qualified as a trainee teacher he can take over teaching the classes"

Class Monitor Tim is showing the new boy Cuthbert Cringe-Renton around the school.

"Crikey, Timmy, it is all a bit new-fangled! I do hope I can fit in,"

"This is China. He doesn't half tell some whoppers."

"'Ere's Fatty - he's just getting some packs together"

"I don't know how Chris Nineham got in here..."

(That's a lot of uncollected copies of London Student, Jen)
   Next week, the Bash Street Free School are taking part in the Left Unity conference, and don't know what to expect....

 It is anti-bullying week at Bash Street, and Teacher is finding it hard dinning it into the kids' heads:
... oh well, I am sure that they will get it in the end!
   Back at the School...

... uh oh, looks like anti-bullying week has gotten out of hand!